Residential Garden Designs:

.$75 per hour

$200travel fee to visit site and make measurements of the space

$100 per hour to source plants

$75 per hour to install plants in the garden

​Outdoor Classroom Designs:  ​$75 per hour

Susanne Swing Thompson,

​​Professional Development:

Monarchs Across Georgia PD 

      - $500 for up to 30

Composting class  - $150 for one hour

Worms in My Kitchen   - $300 for three hours

Free Support

Monarch Watch Conservation Specialist: 

One hour lecture on the biology and ecology of the monarch butterfly - "Bring a monarch to lunch" - $150 

     Three hour workshop with hands-on activities - $300(min 10, max 25)

2 day workshop to certify attendees in monarch conservation - $1000 (min 10, max 25)



Green Gardens education and designs

Lectures/Public talks:

Worms In My Kitchen! The Science of Vermicomposting (1 hr -$150

       3 hour hands-on workshop$300

How to make Black Gold:The Science of Composting (1 hr - $150)

       3 hour hands-on workshop $300

Birds of North Georgia (1 hr -$150)​​

Living with the landscape: Gardening with Native Plants (1 hr -$150)