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Trecia was a biologist at Fernbank Science Center in Atlanta since 1990, retiring in 2017.  Her areas of expertise are ornithology, environmental education, and establishing outdoor classrooms and gardens at schools. Trecia has a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in science education with an emphasis in animal behavior. In 2015 Trecia received the Outstanding Biology Teacher Award for Georgia from the National Association of Biology Teachers in recognition of her career’s work in environmental education.

Trecia was also the project director for the School Master Gardener program that trained over 300 Master Gardeners from 75 different schools across DeKalb County.  She was instrumental in helping design gardens for these schools that were used as outdoor classrooms. She is now using her expertise and talents to design wildlife gardens for homeowners to help transform their barren lawns to living landscapes full of pollinators, birds and wildlife.

​Her most recent accomplishments include collaboration in the design and sourcing of plants for 63 raised pollinator beds for all of the Georgia State Parks. These beds were registered as Monarch Waystations to promote the planting of milkweed and good nectar sources for monarchs on their migration.  She also designed a garden for the visitor’s center in Plains, GA for Ms. Rosalyn Carter which is registered on the Carter Butterfly Trail. Trecia is also a skilled grant writer and recently wrote and received a $10,000 grant for Henderson Park Native Plant and Wildlife Walk from the Audubon Society.  She also received a $500 grant from Constellation Energy Co.  Since retiring, Trecia formed Green Gardens Education and Designs while continuing  public speaking engagements and enjoying wildlife garden design. Trecia is also a member of the Ecological Landscape Alliance.